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What makes Tickety Boo Tick? by Judy Andrews

You could say having children changes things.  It's an opportunity to make new decisions in your life, to think through what you truly want to do and how you want to do it... so as my son began to change from a baby to a toddler, I knew I needed to change how I was developing myself too!  

I'd loved my years in different agencies, but I always felt there was a different way of working to be discovered - one that would genuinely nurture creativity and allow a great work life balance because let's face it, no-one comes up with their best ideas if they're constantly putting in long hours, feeling frazzled or unable to take time to be inspired by the world around them.

I was determined to work more flexibly and give other creative minds the chance to do the same - to build and inspire a team who all share an ethos of happy working and great design because for me, that's the best way to deliver brilliant client campaigns whilst having fun at the same time. And I've done it!

Last year I spent a day speaking to a university group at UCA and loved having the freedom to give something back. Last week, I took myself off to an art exhibition in the middle of the afternoon and came out feeling energised and inspired, with new ideas for a campaign we've been working on buzzing around my brain. Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours out and about, working during the evening on a client project instead - and most importantly, being flexible has meant I've been able to bring together some incredibly talented people from across the world, to collaborate on exciting client challenges without us all needing to be in the same physical location at the same time. That's our brilliant Tickety Boo team and we're pioneering this fresh way of working. It's at the heart of everything we do and wow, is it making a difference.

That campaign we've been working on... the one that my exhibition trip inspired new thinking for?  Last night I opened an email from one of our clients who was feeding back on our ideas and it simply said "WE LOVE IT!". Now that makes my heart sing.

TicketyBoo Booklet-1.jpg

I'm obsessed with Retail, you see. Sharry Cramond, Marketing Director at M&S Food told me, I've an "infectious enthusiasm" for it, so look out for me in the supermarket... I'll be the one taking photos of the signage and point of sale! I just can't help but think about how to make the design and messaging more engaging for the customer, as there are so many elements for brands to consider as part of the Retail experience. Often, it's the small things that make a big difference. What can be perceived as "just pricing on a shelf" for instance, is so much more. If customers are able to find the best deals quickly, that creates positivity and they'll feel inspired, which means they're likely to come back and shop with you again.

That's just one tiny part of it. There are so many opportunities to make an impact and that's one of the reasons I jump out of bed in the morning! I see that infectious enthusiasm in the Tickety Boo team too.  

I'd also say size matters at our agency! We're proud to be small. It's deliberately that way. We find that being a small agency allows us to work collaboratively, and be responsive to short deadlines.

I love working with a variety of inspiring brands, both big and small. They each get our full attention and imagination and we work together so that we learn from each other. We believe this genuine partnership is the best way to create outstanding work and if you're a Tickety Boo client, you'll know the people who've helped develop your brand. Our dedicated team collaborates to deliver more than you've asked for and if we can't get you excited about your brand, we're not doing our job properly! Our motivation is to see your face light up and whatever the project, we'll always look at it with several fresh pairs of eyes. 

So, what makes Tickety Boo tick? It's that mix of flexibility, dedication, a love of design, an obsession with retail and an infectious enthusiasm.

Every one of us has got that deep desire to create the very best... design and brand thinking that makes a genuine difference to our clients and their customers, and an approach that means our own team feels incredibly proud of this pioneering creative hub.