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At Tickety Boo we get very excited when a radio brief lands on our desk. We’ve essentially got a limited amount of time to get a succinct message across that inspires you to listen, turn the radio up and buy. It’s an opportunity to get customers to fall in love with a product, or several, and the challenge of getting listeners’ hearts beating faster quickens the beat of ours too.   

If you fancy an insight in to how we approach it, the good news is our Senior copywriter, Jo, just happens to be on hand to share her expertise and guide us through the four steps to radio ad magic!  

Jo, our Senior Copywriter, shares our Tickety Boo approach to writing for radio

Jo, our Senior Copywriter, shares our Tickety Boo approach to writing for radio

 Step 1: Knowing our brief & product 

Before we put pen to paper, we make sure we understand the brief inside out and back to front. As Jo says:

“We ask questions. We clarify anything that’s not crystal clear. We do our homework. The key is to make sure we know everything there is to know about the awesome product or service we’re writing about, before we craft that opening line”.

Step 2: Disrupt & intrigue

With our understanding of the product or service in the bag, we’re then able to put our heart and soul into writing about it in a way that really grabs attention. 

 For Jo, that’s all about disruption and intrigue: 

“We kick-start it by essentially asking our listeners to listen. We disrupt what they’re doing by getting them intrigued, bringing a level of urgency that means they won’t switch off. We want them glued to those speakers”! 

 Step 3: Imagine & relate

As listeners can’t see the amazing product or service, Jo makes absolutely sure they can imagine it - setting the scene and getting people to dream about it. 

“In that dream scenario, we may have just solved a problem for our listener... saved them money, introduced them to a better service, made life easier for them, or simply helped them fall in love with the focus of the ad. Whichever way we do it, we’ve placed the product in the forefront of our listeners’ minds, that’s for sure”! 

Step 4: Unique proof & call-to-action

Once we’ve got our listener on the same wavelength (pardon the pun ;)), relating to a situation or dreaming about the product, offer or service, we like to prove how great it really is. As Jo says:

“We look at what makes it completely unique, what makes it stand apart from everything else on the market and describe the offer in a way that keeps the listener tuned in... anticipating how they can get hold of it”. 

And then, boom! We not only make it clear how to buy it, we also make sure listeners are going to run to the shop or pick up their phone and order it immediately - because just like our hearts are beating faster writing about it, theirs are too.

If you’re interested in creating the perfect radio ad or finding out more, give us a shout on hello@ticketyboocreative.co.uk

Give us a shout and we’ll share our ‘writing for radio’ expertise

Give us a shout and we’ll share our ‘writing for radio’ expertise

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