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Does flexible working enhance creativity? by team tickety boo

Imagine a brilliant working day. Fill it with all the things that inspire you and then tell us... are you sat at a desk from 9am - 5pm, with an hour for lunch come what may? Or is your day back-to-back meetings in the same, slightly clammy room? Does it include a creative ideas session with your team, where you try and force that gem of an idea out in a defined hour (with someone reminding you 'there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm' when the inspiration clearly isn't striking :) ?)


Our guess is that when you imagine a brilliant working day, it's none of those things. And those trailblazing ideas? They rarely happen during office hours. They might strike when you're in the shower, out walking the dog, or when you've switched off a bit and that gleaming diamond of a thought has just enough room to pop into your head... precisely because you're not trying to force it, or because it's at a time of day (or night) when you're feeling in the zone!

We're all unique and we all have different motivations, inspirations and commitments in our lives and when you think about that, it makes total sense that we feel more creative and productive at different times. So why not make the best of everyone's talents and strengths by taking a more flexible approach to the working day? Could the more traditional daily structure be holding people back and is flexibility the key to unlocking more of our creativity?

Our Design Director, Pam, definitely thinks so:

"I’m a morning person, so for me working flexibly means I can make the most of those early morning hours. Whether it’s creative design or detailed problem-solving, I’m more focused and productive then. It’s important to take breaks too, giving my eyes and brain a chance to rest and refresh, so I like to do something active like take a walk on the beach, or an outdoor yoga class. Flexible working means I can actually enjoy living in Los Angeles, a city known for its terrible traffic, because I can avoid driving anywhere during rush hour". 

And like Pam, our Senior Copywriter, Jo, also gets a real creative buzz from being able to focus during the times she feels at her most imaginative:

"Being able to work flexibly is brilliant for my creative mindset. It allows me to work at a time when I'm firing on all cylinders, so I bring my best creative ideas as well as fresh ways of thinking".

Taking time out to experience things that inspire creative thinking is also hugely important for tickety boo founder, Jude. You can often find her at talks or exhibitions that fuel her creativity and she'll then work later into the evening, with the inspiration that the time out has given her:  

"To be creative you need different outlets to thrive, to feed the mind and be inspired. Flexible working means you can tap into the things that stimulate you and use them to make a genuine difference to client projects".  

As retail specialists, we know just how quick project turnaround times sometimes have to be, but if you feel fresh, excited and inspired, something that flexible working encourages, it's so much easier to think on your feet and bring that creative perspective to every client challenge.

And that's not all.

Our flexible approach has meant we've been able to tap into the skills of talented specialists who might've otherwise been out of reach, due to family and childcare commitments, or other out of work interests. As Jude says:   

" Championing a flexible approach has meant I've been able to bring together a hugely talented team of creative people and freelance specialists, all collaborating at different times, all over the world. I never would've been able to do this if we'd stuck to a fixed working day structure. Flexibility makes all our days more exciting and our client work thrives as a result'.  

Many people are now actively looking for opportunities that enable them to achieve a better work/life balance. Jude's favourite part of the day is picking up her son, Hector, from nursery. Flexible working means she can take the family time she loves and then pick up her working day once she's put him to bed - and as one of our Senior Designers, George, says:

"One of the great things about tickety boo is the flexibility and understanding that family and work can often be hard to juggle. Working flexibly has allowed me to gain more of a work/life balance - and it’s great fun being part of an exciting adventure".

Is flexible working the way forward? Does it make people happier, more productive and ultimately able to be more creative? We're nodding our heads furiously here! We love the cross fertilisation of ideas and different ways of thinking that comes from having the freedom to work differently. Our clients benefit, our team benefits, our families benefit... and as a result, our creative dials are always turned up to the max!

Judy Andrews